The Window of Heaven—Your ECK Initiation

Discover how you can increase the power and love of Divine Spirit in your life via an ECK initiation

An ECK initiation allows more of the Light and Sound of God to open your heart and give love to life around you and to all of God’s creatures. At this ECK Light and Sound Service, you will have the opportunity to learn the many benefits of ECK initiations as steps along the spiritual journey that help you live life with greater spiritual freedom. This event also includes experiencing the song of HU and engaging in small group discussions where you can share your spiritual steps and hear the stories of others. At the end of the service, you are invited to participate in a Spiritual Exercise which you can use to enhance your daily life.

“An invitation is extended to any true seeker who wants to find for himself the Light and Sound of God. This treasure is the birthright of Soul that leads to the kingdom of heaven.”

—Sri Harold Klemp, ECK Wisdom on Spiritual Freedom, pp. 50–51

ECKANKAR of Rochester is happy to invite you to an in-person ECK Light and Sound Service, titled “The Window of Heaven—Your ECK Initiation,” on Sunday, August 4, 2024, 11:00 am–12:15 pm.

To attend our community in-person event, please join us at the ECKANKAR Center of Rochester, 312 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, New York 14445.

All are welcome!

This service offers you the chance to explore your own direct connection with the Holy Spirit—the Light and Sound of God.

You will also have an opportunity to:

•   Discover more about yourself as Soul, an eternal, creative, spiritual being;
•   Connect with the most sacred part of yourself, receive new insights, and magnify love in your life through the Light and Sound of God;
•   Experience HU, the Love Song to God, which can be an easy-to-do spiritual exercise for your personal use;
•   Share your insights and experiences in a small group discussion.

More information

This service will be available as an in-person event at the ECKANKAR Center of Rochester, 312 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445.

As a reminder:

Since contracting and spreading COVID-19 may still be possible, please take the health steps that are best for you and respectful of other participants. It is appreciated that by attending you are taking responsibility for your own health.

For more information, please contact us at: or call the ECKANKAR Center of Rochester at 585-288-4721.

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Sunday, Aug 04, 2024


11:00 am - 12:15 pm


In Person


ECKANKAR Center of Rochester
312 West Commercial Street East Rochester, NY