Karma—A Gift from God

Learn how to find greater love and spiritual freedom with an understanding of karma.

There is a saying that all things happen for you, not to you.  It may be difficult to accept hard times, or karma, as gifts, but this spiritual discussion will explore the benefits that come with shifting our points of view when experiencing the ups and downs of life.


“Life will always teach you better. This is the basis of the Law of Karma: what you sow, you reap. And in the reaping of what we’ve sown, we gain spiritual wisdom.”

—Harold Klemp, How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, p.76

You are warmly welcome to join us for an in-person, interactive spiritual discussion sponsored by Eckankar in New York titled “Karma—A Gift From God.” It will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2024, 1:30 pm—2:30 pm at:

475 Moe Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065
(The Clifton Park Public Library)

Lynne Latella, a long-time student and cleric in Eckankar, is the facilitator for this event. She invites you to join her in this discussion that can help us have a deeper understanding of karma, as we share spiritual experiences, ask questions and learn tips to bring greater joy and divine love into our lives.  All are welcome!

The spiritual discussion will include:

•  An understanding of karmic patterns and how to change them.
•  Techniques to avoid creating unwanted karma.
•  The connection between karma, dreams, and past lives.
•  Spiritual Practices to find divine love, freedom and spiritual balance.

More Information:

This event is sponsored by Eckankar in New York and is not affiliated with the Clifton Park Public Library.

Since contracting and spreading COVID-19 may still be possible, please take the health steps that are best for you and respectful of other participants. It is appreciated that by attending you are taking responsibility for your own health.

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Saturday, Mar 23, 2024


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


In Person


475 Moe Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065
(The Clifton Park Public Library)