Initiations—Taking a Step Closer to God

Discover the power of spiritual initiations that bring greater awareness of divine love between Soul and the Holy Spirit.

Join us as we explore how spiritual initiations are steppingstones that bring us closer to God. We will discuss how these sacred moments offer us a change in consciousness so that we may grasp more deeply our divine nature as Soul. Bring your insights and experiences from your own spiritual journey. We can learn from each other.

“Each person, regardless of his outer initiation, is capable of spiritual greatness. Each initiation is an invitation from the Living ECK Master to take the next step on the way home to God.”

ECKANKAR—Ancient Wisdom for Today, p. 100

You are warmly invited to attend an online spiritual discussion based on the booklet ECKANKAR—Ancient Wisdom for Today, on Sunday, March 24, 2024, at 11:00 am–12:00 pm, on Zoom. We will be discussing, Chapter 10, “Initiations” and welcome your participation and insights on taking a step closer to God.

Although it is not necessary to have the book to attend this discussion, ECKANKAR—Ancient Wisdom for Today can be obtained or downloaded for free from the main ECKANKAR website at the link below:

For more information about events at the ECKANKAR Center of Rochester, 312 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445, contact us by phone at 585-288-4721, or email

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Sunday, Mar 24, 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm