Animals—Expressions of God’s Love

Learn that some of our greatest teachers and carriers of divine love are found in nature.

The spiritual discussion this month will focus on the lessons of love and understanding that we have received through our relationships with animals. We will talk about animals as Soul—divine sparks of God. We will also share stories of our communications and dreams with our furry friends. Join us for this interactive discussion based on the book Animals Are Soul Too! by Harold Klemp.

“Soul exists because God loves It. It’s very simple. And when two Souls set up a bond of love, it is stronger and more enduring than eternity. It doesn’t matter if the two Souls are human beings or if one of them happens to be a bird, a dog, a cat, or another animal form.”

—Harold Klemp, Animals Are Souls Too! p. xi

You are warmly invited to this online spiritual discussion Animals—Expressions of God’s Love on Sunday, June 9, from 11:00 am–12:00 pm. 

It is not necessary to have the book, Animals Are Souls Too! to participate in our conversation.  However, if you are interested in purchasing the book, it can be obtained from the main ECKANKAR website by clicking on this link

All are welcome!

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Sunday, Jun 09, 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm