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ECK Clergy Services

ECK members and the public are welcome to contact a qualified ECK cleric about the following services:

The Four ECK Celebrations of Life

The ECK Consecration Ceremony (for young children)
The ECK Rite of Passage (for any youth of about age 13)
The ECK Wedding Ceremony
The ECK Memorial Service
ESA Sessions

An ECK Spiritual Aide session, though not counseling, can help you find your own answers in challenging situations through the personal guidance of Divine Spirit. The ESA session is conducted by an ECK Spiritual Aide, a specially appointed and trained ECK cleric.
Climb the stairway to spiritual freedom

Members of Eckankar (ECKists) work toward higher states of awareness through the Eckankar initiations. Each initiation is a true awakening. It opens you to a whole new world of God's Light and Sound. It also imparts to you a new sense of spiritual stability and strength.

The ECK initiations link Soul directly to the ECK, Divine Spirit, for spiritual liberation in this lifetime. Each initiation is a sacred and joyous occasion for a spiritual seeker, for it brings an ever-increasing knowledge of and love for God. And it gives new insights into why certain things in your life play out as they do.

Most ECKists receive their First Initiation during the first year of membership, and it often comes in a dream.

ECKists take at least two years to explore the ECK teachings to prove to themselves what Eckankar has to offer. After two years, you may decide to make a deeper commitment to your spiritual awakening and request the Second Initiation. This initiation marks a major turning point in your spiritual life.

There are no fees for ECK clergy services, but ECK clerics may accept donations to Eckankar.

For more information, please call 917-740-1202 and leave a message mentioning which part of the state you are in.
You may also email inquiries to:  info@eckankar-ny.org
Eckankar members may find information on the Members Page.

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